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Opt Out is a podcast where I sit down with passionate people to learn why privacy matters to them, the tools and techniques they’ve found and leveraged, and where we encourage and inspire others towards personal privacy and data-sovereignty.

Thanks in advance for listening, and I hope you learn as much as I do each episode!

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SimpleX chat and how privacy aligns with the future of computing w/ Evgeny from SimpleX

Heard of SimpleX chat and curious what it’s all about? This episode, we’re sitting down with Evgeny, the founder of SimpleX Chat to talk about SimpleX, privacy, data sovereignty, and the future of computing.

How FediMints could ease onboarding and privacy in Bitcoin w/ Eric Sirion and Matt Odell

This episode, we’re sitting down with Eric Sirion and Matt Odell to chat about FediMints, a fascinating and unusual new proposal that seeks to ease onboarding and privacy on Bitcoin with important trade-offs.

Special: Live YouTube Q&A!

Welcome to the first ever live Q&A on Opt Out! We covered a ton of topics ranging from personal privacy, self-hosting, Bitcoin, Monero, privacy-preserving donations, future plans for the podcast, and much more.

Private messaging via Session w/ Kee Jefferys

Looking to explore alternatives to Signal and heard of Session, but not sure what sets it apart? This episode, we’re sitting down with Kee Jefferys, CTO of Session, to chat about their Session messenger and it’s approaches to chat, encryption, and network privacy.

Anonymous SIM cards via Silent.Link

Have you been struggling to find ways to get a usable and long-lasting phone number without giving up your ID or privacy? This episode, we’re sitting down with Silent.Link to chat about their phone number service via eSIMs.

Monerotopia conference special w/ Douglas Tuman

This episode, we’re taking a break from the normal structure of Opt Out to focus on a conference I’ll be attending and speaking at in April, Monerotopia, and learn more about it from the creator, Doug.

Self-hosted search via Whoogle w/ Ben Busby

Looking for a privacy-preserving and light-weight search tool that you can self-host? This episode, we’re sitting down with Ben Busby to chat about his project, Whoogle search.

Taking back your data via Nextcloud w/ Jos Poortvliet

Looking for a solution to get off of Google or Apple’s walled ecosystem and take back control of your data? This episode, we’re sitting down with Jos Poortvliet to chat about Nextcloud and the many solutions it has to offer.

Network privacy via i2p w/ idk and Sadie

Have you heard about i2p but aren’t sure where it fits into your network privacy toolkit? This episode, we’re sitting down with Sadie and idk from i2p to chat about i2p’s approach to privacy, it’s use-cases, and how it compares to similar tools like the Tor network.

Managing passwords via Bitwarden w/ Ryan Luibrand

Looking for the right tool for password management, but wanting something that’s open-source and encrypted by default? This episode, we’re sitting down with Ryan Luibrand to chat about Bitwarden and their password manager tool.