David Gunnarsson

Episode: S2E07 - Application privacy via Portmaster w/ David and Daniel from Safing.io

Isabela Bagueros

Episode: S2E06 - Network privacy via Tor w/ Isabela Bagueros from the Tor Project

Harry Halpin

Episode: S2E05 - Privacy-preserving networks w/ Harry Halpin from Nym

Zach Herbert

Episode: S2E04 - Securing your Bitcoin w/ Zach Herbert from FOUNDATION

Ragnar Lifthrasir

Episode: Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin conference special w/ Ragnar Lifthasir

Samourai Wallet

Episode: S2E03 - Privacy on Bitcoin w/ Samourai Wallet

Rob Shavell

Episode: S2E02 - Clean up your data online w/ Rob Shavell from DeleteMe


Episode: S2E01 - Email aliasing w/ Son from SimpleLogin

Sun Knudsen

Episode: S1E15 - Privacy education, funding, and Apple w/ Sun Knudsen

Viktor Vecsei

Episode: Sponsor Special w/ Viktor Vecsei from IVPN