Global Opportunist

Pavol Luptak is a cryptoanarchist and voluntaryist focused on technology and society hacking. He started his career as a computer hacker with many prestigious IT security certifications. In 2007 he founded IT security company Nethemba focused on penetration tests & ethical hacking, few years after, he co-founded a bug bounty company Hacktrophy. He is responsible for many public security projects (e.g. cracking of the most used Mifare Classic cards, hacking of public SMS transport/parking tickets, hack of e-Kasa).

As a hacker enthusiast, he co-founded Progressbar hackerspace in Bratislava and Parallel Polis in Prague and Bratislava (hackerspaces in Prague where he is responsible for organizing the international cryptoanarchist conference focused on liberation technologies.)

In addition to technologies, Pavol loves contemporary art as well. He became a member of the famous Czech contemporary art group Ztohoven which is responsible for many hacktivist contemporary ‘media sculpture’ projects and started with his friend the digital art company Satori.

With the development of Parallel Polis, Pavol decided to achieve his vision – completely opt-out of the system. Thanks to globality and flexibility he decided to give up his permanent residency, switched from bank accounts to crypto-currencies, started to use global health care and mobile phone companies, becoming a global citizen.