Parallel econonomies and ethical Veksláks w/ Juraj Bednar

Where does privacy fit in to opting out of a broken (or breaking) economy or society? How can we build parallel economies using privacy tools? This episode, we’re sitting down Juraj Bednar to chat about his own personal privacy journey, how parallel economies can (and will!) work, and what role Bitcoin plays in building up a parallel economy around us.

PGP, Bitcoin, and Yunohost w/ Diverter

Ever wondered how you can easily self-host tools, or thought about hosting tools for friends or family to use? This episode, we’re sitting down Diverter to chat about his favorite hosting solution, Yunohost, the importance of hosting tools for friends, family, and online communities as Uncle Jim, and where Bitcoin fits into his toolkit.

Privacy by default, contributing to FOSS, and Monero w/ Justin Ehrenhofer

Wondering how you can contribute to FOSS projects without being able to code, or why privacy needs to be the default option in tools you use? This episode, we’re sitting down with Justin Ehrenhofer to chat about contributing to FOSS projects as a non-dev, why privacy by default matters, and where Monero fits into his toolkit.

Threat models and the importance of open-source software w/ Nathan from TheNewOil

Wondering what the difference is between privacy, security, and anonymity and how the three intersect? How about what a threat model is and how to develop one for yourself? This episode, we’re sitting down with Nathan from The New Oil to chat about threat modeling, the intersection of privacy, security, and anonymity, and how open-source software is central to opting out of surveillance.

Mobile OS privacy, drag-net surveillance, and cryptocurrency usage w/ Max Tannahill

Wanting to learn more about mobile privacy, but not sure where to start? This episode, we sat down with Max Tannahill to chat about mobile OSs, surveillance, and cryptocurrency.

Digital identity, FOSS, and self-hosting w/ k3tan

This week, I got the pleasure of sitting down with k3tan to chat about privacy, self-hosting, and some of his favorite tools.

Privacy as a journey and digital minimalism w/ Techlore

This week, I got the pleasure of sitting down with Henry from Techlore to chat about digital minimalism, privacy education, and some of the tools and projects that Henry recommends for taking back control of our privacy and data in an ever increasing world of data capture, tracking, and sharing.