As season 2 of Opt Out is focused on walking through many of the tools available to you to help you Opt Out, this post is simply an easy way to sort through and find ones episodes that may be of interest to you based on the type of tool you’re looking for.

Below you’ll find all of the episodes from season 2, sorted by type of tool.


Files and data

Financial privacy


  • S2E14 - Private messaging via Session w/ Kee Jeffreys
    • Looking to explore alternatives to Signal and heard of Session, but not sure what sets it apart? This episode, we’re sitting down with Kee Jefferys, CTO of Session, to chat about their Session messenger and it’s approaches to chat, encryption, and network privacy.

Mobile privacy

  • S2E13 - Anonymous SIM cards via Silent.Link
    • Have you been struggling to find ways to get a usable and long-lasting phone number without giving up your ID or privacy? This episode, we’re sitting down with Silent.Link to chat about their phone number service via eSIMs.

Network privacy

Personal data

  • S2E02 - Clean up your data online w/ Rob Shavell from DeleteMe
    • Wondering how to take back control of the data captured by data brokers before you started taking privacy more seriously? This episode, we’re sitting down with Rob Shavell, co-founder of DeleteMe to chat about cleaning up the data about you that’s been scooped up by data brokers across the internet.

Search privacy

  • S2E08 - Private search via Startpage w/ Kelly Finnerty
    • Have you been considering a more privacy-preserving search engine but not sure where to start? This episode, we’re sitting down with Kelly from Startpage to chat about the Startpage search engine, how it works, it’s limitations, and more.

  • S2E12 - Self-hosted search via Whoogle w/ Ben Busby
    • Looking for a privacy-preserving and light-weight search tool that you can self-host? This episode, we’re sitting down with Ben Busby to chat about his project, Whoogle search.


  • S2E09 - Managing passwords via Bitwarden w/ Ryan Luibrand
    • Looking for the right tool for password management, but wanting something that’s open-source and encrypted by default? This episode, we’re sitting down with Ryan Luibrand to chat about Bitwarden and their password manager tool.


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