Privacy education, funding, and Apple w/ Sun Knudsen

Wondering why someone decides to do privacy education and research full-time? This episode, we’re sitting down with Sun Knudsen to chat about his education and research on privacy, funding in the privacy and FOSS spaces, and a little bit of macOS vs Linux.

A Bitcoiner's journey towards privacy w/ BitcoinQnA

Wondering what drives normal people to focus on FOSS? This episode, we’re sitting down with QnA to chat about his journey towards privacy through Bitcoin and the impact of FOSS along the way.

Personal responsibility in privacy, FOSS funding models, and Bitcoin w/ Matt Odell

Wondering why FOSS and privacy have become such a focus for Matt Odell and Citadel Dispatch, or wanting to learn more about FOSS in general? This episode, we’re sitting down with Matt Odell for a bit of a different show where we focus on listener questions around FOSS, privacy, FOSS community ethos, and his journey towards privacy.

Balancing privacy with mental health, plus second realms w/ j43

Wondering how to find the right balance of privacy and convenience, or struggling with the mental strain of a journey towards personal privacy? This episode, we’re sitting down with j43 to chat about the mental strain that can be caused by a journey towards privacy, and a deeper look at parallel economies or second realms.

Global surveillance, VPNs, and Tor w/ Smuggler

Wondering how global surveillance could realistically work, or how VPNs can play a role in your privacy? This episode, we’re sitting down with Smuggler to chat about global surveillance, a realistic look at VPNs (and Tor!), and his journey as a cypherpunk.

Transitioning to Linux and CalyxOS w/ Chris Blec

Wondering what it’s like to take the dive and switch to Linux and CalyxOS at once? How does the recent push for vaccine mandates impact our journey towards privacy? This episode, we’re sitting down with Chris Blec to chat about his journey to Linux and CalyxOS, security and privacy in cryptocurrency, our thoughts on the privacy implications of vaccine mandates, and much more.

Cryptoanarchy and freedom w/ Pavol Lupták

What is crypto-anarchy? How can I opt out if my country has become too authoritarian or dangerous to remain in? This episode, we’re sitting down with Pavol Lupták to chat about what crypto-anarchy is and why permanent residencies can be a way to physically (and financially) opt out of broken systems.

Parallel econonomies and ethical Veksláks w/ Juraj Bednar

Where does privacy fit in to opting out of a broken (or breaking) economy or society? How can we build parallel economies using privacy tools? This episode, we’re sitting down Juraj Bednar to chat about his own personal privacy journey, how parallel economies can (and will!) work, and what role Bitcoin plays in building up a parallel economy around us.

PGP, Bitcoin, and Yunohost w/ Diverter

Ever wondered how you can easily self-host tools, or thought about hosting tools for friends or family to use? This episode, we’re sitting down Diverter to chat about his favorite hosting solution, Yunohost, the importance of hosting tools for friends, family, and online communities as Uncle Jim, and where Bitcoin fits into his toolkit.

Privacy by default, contributing to FOSS, and Monero w/ Justin Ehrenhofer

Wondering how you can contribute to FOSS projects without being able to code, or why privacy needs to be the default option in tools you use? This episode, we’re sitting down with Justin Ehrenhofer to chat about contributing to FOSS projects as a non-dev, why privacy by default matters, and where Monero fits into his toolkit.